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Interested in trading?

Here is my current trade list.  Please send me your trade list if you're interested.  I also trade from American and Canadain stamps :)  This page will be updated frequently, so be sure to check back.

I am in the processing of putting up scans on everything list, but it might take awhile.  In the meantime, please feel free to email  me at and request a scan. 

I collect all sorts of autographs except sports and politics.  You can take a look at my most wanted list if you'd like.  If you don't have any of these that doesn't mean I won't trade with you!!  Just send me your list and I'll send you mine.  I can provide scans for all my trades. .


Austin, Sherri (Country Singer) - B/W 8x10 ISP (To Steve).

Balaski, Belinda (The Howling) - DVD insert signed - "The Howling".

Bibb, Leslie (Popular) - Great B/W 8x10 cast picture of Popular signed by Leslie. Perfect for sending to other cast members.

Berryman, Michael (The Hills Have Eyes, Devil's Rejects) - B/W 8x10 Inscribed (To Melanie) SP.

Temple-Black, Shirley (Famous Child Legend) - 8x10 B/W ISP - "To Melanie". Will only trade for something really good. - No longer signs

Booth, Lindy (Cry Wolf, Wrong Turn) - Wrong Turn DVD cover insert signed. igned in silver - very clear, nice signature.

Cafagna, Ashley (The Bold and the Beautiful) 8x10 B/W ISP.

Curry, Alana (Terminator 3) - 8x10 Color Signed photo. Comes with a COA.

DiCarprio, Leonardo (Titanic) - Color 8x10 SP - RARE

Donaldson, Colby (Survivor: All Stars) - signed magazine cover.

Feldman, Corey (The Lost Boys, Stand By Me) - Color 8x10 young photo.

Hicks, Taylor (American Idol Winner) - Magazine picture signed.

Jones, James Earl (Star Wars) - Color 8x10 SP.

Kajlich, Bianca (Halloween) - 8x10 Color signed photo.

Prinze, Freddie Jr (Scooby Doo) - Color 8x10 SP - RARE

Majorino, Tina (Napolean Dynamite) - B/W 8x10 SP

Malick, Wendie (Just Shoot Me) - 8x10 B/W SP

O'Brien, Kathy (Survivor: All Stars) - color print-out signed.

O'Keefe Jodi Lyn (Halloween)- 8x10 Color signed photo. Very hot photo from Maxim shoot.

Parlen, Megan (Hang Time) - 8x10 B/W ISP.

Peterman, Melissa (Reba) - Beautiful color 8x10 SP.

Gowlands, Gena (The Notebook) - B/W 8x10 SP

Rubin, Jennifer (Nightmare on Elm Street 3) B/W
8x10 SP.

Serkis, Andy (Lord of the Rings) - 5x7 Lord of the Rings photo signed. Will only trade for something really good.

Taylor, Nikki (Supermodel) - Hot color 8x10 SP

Torres, Gina (Firefly/Serenity) - B/W 8x10 SP

Vitamin C (Singer - The Graduation Song) - 8x10 Color SP

Wagner, Natasha Gregson (Urban Legends) - Color 8x10 SP

Williams, Clarence III (Tales From the Hood) 8x10Color from the movie signed.


Anderson, BB (Survivor) - signed index card – Great for any Survivor collector – very hard to obtain now.

Duvall, Shelley (The Shinning) - Signed index card - very rare!

Haas, Lucas (Witness) - Signed index card.



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